Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How Can I Achieve My Goals?

How Can I Achieve My Goals?

Many successful people often follow a sensible plan to achieve their goals. Such a plan can be summarized in three steps. Once you implement and commit to the plan, you are more likely to manifest your desired goal.

1)      Write It

Any successful plan starts with goal setting, that once written down and clarified, is more likely to give you the result you want. Some goals relate to the betterment of a career, finances, education, and others have to do with family, lifestyle, and changing habits or attitude. No matter what you are hoping to achieve, write it down first.

Writing down your goal increases the accountability and helps you stay committed. Without commitment, you are less likely to achieve your goal. The act of writing down your goal makes it real and visible. You can increase your accountability by having your written goal somewhere where you can see it every day.

Your goal needs to be written in positive and inspiring language. Expressing your goal in an affirmative manner can help generate good energy to support its attainment. If you are working with someone on clarifying your goals, make sure a goal setting session is done within an uplifting context, and the entire process embraces confidence and decisiveness.

Your goal needs to be manageable and specific. Based on my experience helping others with goal setting, I often find it helpful to prioritize one’s objectives and focus on one goal at the time. Working on too many goals at the same time can lead to burn out.

Writing down your goal and clarifying it can involve using images. Finding images from magazines or other sources helps you create a vision of how the achievement of your goal can look. For example, if your goal is going back to school and getting a degree in film and television studies, find images that speak to your heart and reflect how the achievement of such a goal looks like to you.

2)      Believe It

Believing in your goal is another essential step. So many beautiful life visions never manifest because of the lack of this important step. Do your best to let go of doubt and negativity around manifestation of your goal. It takes some effort to sustain a positive belief system during this process.

Believing can be a challenging step because it can make you feel vulnerable. When you believe in your goal and the result does not go your way, you can feel disappointed. It is important to note, believing is different than expectation. Expectation can set you up for disappointment and feeling of failure. You might find it helpful to believe in your vision with the attitude of humility that everything unfolds according to the divine intelligence and for the good of all. At the same time, balance that humility with confidence in yourself and your ability to co-create with the universe.

It is easy to get attached to the result of your goal setting and lose perspective on all the variables involved in making your vision come true. Some people might feel entitled to have their vision manifest and contaminate the goal achievement process with arrogance. Embracing humility helps you to approach the process with trust in the universal intelligence. Such trust can free you from obsession and attachment to the result.

It feels wonderful to have passion and a strong desire for something you would like to happen. Even greater, if you tap into your confidence and believe in your ability to make it happen. When you balance all that passion, desire, and confidence with the trust that the universe has your best interests in mind, you can enjoy the journey. This is a paradoxical approach to goal achievement.

3)      Do it

Clarifying your goals and writing them down with the attitude of confidence and a healthy sense of reality needs the support of the final important step: do it. Doing it is about the action needed to support your goal achievement and avoid delaying it.  The first course of action is identifying resources to support your outcome. Make a list of anything you can think of that has the potential to help you. For example, if you are an artist and looking for paid work in your field, make a list of all the resources that can help you in this process. After compiling your resource list, make sure to use it.

Do what it takes to meet your goal by taking daily actions. Write everyday if your goal is to complete your film script. Exercise as many days your physician recommends if you plan to lose weight. Study everyday if your goal is to pass the bar exam. No matter where you are trying to get, make sure you are taking daily steps toward your destination. Eventually, all your actions will add up and increase your chance of success.

It is important to be kind to yourself during this process. Mistreating yourself by criticism and reminding yourself, “I am not doing enough,” is only going to make your process difficult. Also, comparing yourself to others who tend to be a few steps ahead of you is not going to be helpful either. Just focus on one step at a time needed to make your vision a reality.

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